This guide has been published to help you choose the right Videographer to produce your wedding video. With so many companies now offering wedding videography it is not easy for the Bride and Bride Groom to distinguish between those offering a professional service and those who are not sufficiently skilled in this very specialised art form.

The Institute of Videography was established in 1985 as a regulatory body for companies and independent producers who offer video production services to both the general public and the commercial sector alike. We are the only DTI recognised Institute in the United Kingdom representing Videography.

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Among its membership the IOV has some of the earliest pioneers in wedding video production. As part of their membership obligation each member agrees to abide by a Code of Practice and offer their clients the right of free IOV Arbitration in cases of contractual dispute. This, along with other benefits associated with IOV membership, allow its members to offer their clients a professional and comprehensive service.

Choosing a Videographer
The IOV has always recognised and promoted Videography as an art form. Each Videographer will have his or her own particular style and no two wedding videos will be the same. This individual style is what many couples base their decision on. The IOV award qualifications to members upon submission of work. The two levels of qualification are M.M.Inst.V. (Master Member) and F.Inst.V. (Fellow).

The Demonstration
Your first step in choosing a Videographer is to see an example of their work. Some will provide you with a showreel of various weddings that have been edited; others will supply complete wedding videos. Always check that the video was produced by the Videographer who is going to cover your event. Problems may occur when the Videographer sub-contracts the work to another who has a completely different style.

Ask the Right Questions
In most instances the Videographer will personally present the demonstration video. This gives you the opportunity to ask important questions about their service and the way in which they operate their business.

Because each wedding video is different you must be sure that the Videographer knows exactly what you want included. The IOV produce standard contracts which its members use or have adapted for their own purpose. Any contract should state times and locations for the wedding along with details on the terms of engagement. A clearly defined contract will lessen the chance of disappointment in the finished product.

Insurance & Copyright
Anyone operating a professional wedding video service should have Public Liability Insurance, even though they are not legally bound to do so. Ask the Videographer if they are covered and, if possible, ask to see their policy.

They should also have the appropriate copyright licences to record the wedding service and any other copyright material that is included in the video.

How much should you spend on a wedding video?
The cost of the production is dependent on a number of factors. Some Videographers offer a range of services which vary in the extent of coverage, e.g. from the Bride’s house to the first dance, or the wedding service only. Some Videographers use domestic or semi-professional equipment whereas others use professional or even broadcast quality equipment. Others may offer fully edited and/or multiple camera productions.

The cost, therefore, is directly linked to the level of service and the expertise of the Videographer. Cutting costs may mean compromising on both, so never base your decision on price alone. If the Videographer charges more for their work there is usually a good reason. It is advisable to watch several videos covering a wide price range before making your decision.

Booking Advice
As wedding videography is a seasonal business most successful Videographers will become booked months if not years in advance. The Videographer should be booked at the same time as other services such as photographers and caterers.

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