The IOV Aims & Objectives

With an Executive Committee being actively involved in professional videography, it naturally follows that IOV membership is both relevant and beneficial to professional videographers. The Executive is always looking for new benefits of membership – and to improve on existing benefits – so that IOV Membership continues to be a valuable service to the industry.

The current Executive’s future vision sees the IOV keeping pace with a rapidly-changing media industry, embracing new technology and catering for the needs of both the multi-tasking video professional and the media specialist.

The Aims of the IOV are to:

• Promote Videography as an effective business tool

• Promote Videography as an art form

• Promote Videography as an archive medium

• Promote the IOVs Code of Practice

• Promote Qualified Members of the IOV

Our objectives are to:

• Establish and Maintain Videography as a recognised profession

• Establish the IOV as the leading body in professional Videography

• Establish recognised qualifications and training in Videography

• To provide our members with a commercial advantage over non-members

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