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Our range of membership benefits has steadily grown year on year, to a point where IOV membership truly represents value for money for anyone involved in professional video production. Whilst the list of benefits keeps growing, the current range includes:

Membership Study Material

Anyone can benefit from limited access to our study material on the VideoSkills website – but only members have access to take the online exam which forms Part 1 of the IOV Accreditation process. This online study resource defines the core competencies of videography, outlining all the knowledge you should know in order to operate a professional videography business. The study material is broken down into the craft skills of Camera, Lighting, Audio and Post Production – plus a section on Business & Legal which outlines all the legislation and IOV regulations relating to videography (covers both UK and Ireland). Once you have passed this online exam you are encouraged within a short timescale to submit work for assessment. As well as testing your practical skills in film-making this is a standard that acts as a reference point for potential clients.

Optional IOV Accreditation
Everyone joins the IOV as an Ordinary Member. For those wishing to use their membership to promote their business by taking advantage of the IOV brand, we provide a structured and incremental path to accreditation. Whether you are simply wishing to demonstrate your commitment to working to the IOV’s Code of Practice and standards of professionalism – or wishing to work towards Full Accreditation (IOV Assessment – Master Membership, Fellow Membership or Corporate Membership), the IOV is there to encourage you along this path. (See the list of accredited member benefits below)

Focus eMagazine
Focus features original articles to enhance the knowledge and skills of our readers, and keeps them updated with all the IOV and Industry News. With details on new and anticipated product launches, technology reviews, industry profiles, a Trade Directory and much, much more.

Knowledge, Meetings, Opportunities, Sales & Wants & Public Forums
Our secure membership forums are divided into Technical, Creative and Business topics – with industry-specific forums for Wedding & Event, Corporate Video, Documentary and Short Film production. These are not ‘open’ forums, so those using and commenting tend to be seasoned and responsible professionals – posting under their real names!

Free Advice Line
Videographers often work in isolation, so having an impartial, friendly and well-connected support service is often worth the membership fee alone. Whether by telephone, email or local face-to-face meetings – you can always find the answers to your technical, creative or business questions.

 Arbitration Service (paid up members only)
From time to time disputes arise between videographers and clients. This is where the IOV’s Arbitration Service can be employed to achieve a fair and amicable settlement. The IOV offers this service free to its members and their clients. On many occasions the Service is an advisory one, offering advice to help members to clarify agreements etc., and avoid disputes further down the line. The Arbitration Service is also responsible for handling disciplinary matters involving IOV members.

Work Sharing between IOV Members
Members will often post requests for freelance camera operators, editors and other specialist service providers within the IOV forums. Members also have the benefit of being able to operate within the IOV’s standard agreements and terms of business.

Area Meetings
There are various local and regional events happening each month. These range from regular local meetings through to special regional events with training sessions and formal presentations. Members are kept abreast of local and regional activities through our local bulletin board – and through contact with their nearest IOV Area Representative.

Lobbying and Representation
The IOV exists to represent and support those involved in professional videography. This includes negotiating with authorities and governing bodies that can impact on the working practices of videographers. This work can be on a local, regional, national or international level – which recently included the IOV giving representation at the EU on duty imposed on the technology used in videography.

Preferential Insurance
The IOV’s Code of Practice includes an obligation for all members that are undertaking commercial activity in the video and multimedia field to carry adequate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

Free Standard Contracts
All IOV members benefit from a licence to use standard business contracts and forms. These include Corporate and Event Video contracts – plus the IOV’s Standard Terms & Conditions. You will also have access to production forms including Model and Location Release Forms, Risk Assessment Forms and Copyright Warnings.

IOV Convention
The IOV hopes to establish this popular event soon. Members will have free admissions to this event,

IOV Anti-Piracy Holograms
The IOV helps its members protect their copyright through a simple but effective hologram system. The scheme consists of a tamper-proof holographic sticker which is attached to the packaging of the DVD or video. In addition, members are given a licence to freely use a ready-made VT sequence which they add to the beginning of their programmes (the first-play chapter of a DVD). Essentially, the VT sequence explains that if the packaging does not display the hologram, then it might not be an authentic copy.

..And not forgetting, the backup and support from the industry’s leading Trade Association!

Benefits specific to Fully Accredited Members

Find-a-Videographer Portal
All Fully Accredited members are listed on the Find-a-Videographer portal, for IOV Work Referrals.  All public enquiries to the IOV office for those looking for a videographer are supplied with a list of Fully Accredited members.

Focus eMagazine Listing
Details of all Fully Accredited members are published in Focus magazine showing their location together with their areas of production work.
Fully Accredited members have access to VT sequences for displaying their IOV qualification.

IOV Certificates
All Fully Accredited members are issued with an IOV certificate that then enables them to use Marketing Materials.
Fully Accredited members have access to a whole range of IOV-branded marketing tools.

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