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In a creative industry such as videography, it can be easy not to look beyond a supplier’s creative abilities and to understand what other qualities you should be looking for. We hope this brief explanation of the benefits of employing an IOV member will enable you to make a better choice.

Best Practices
On joining the IOV, all members agree to act in accordance with our Code of Practice (see below). This document has been continually developed since the IOV was founded in 1985 – and includes all the key areas of conduct which we believe a professional videographer should work to. One of the main benefits to you is that our members have made a commitment to a trade association with a common cause, and that’s to promote professionalism within video production.

Their membership provides them with certain benefits that should enable them to work more efficiently, fairly and in line with common practices throughout the industry. Members keep abreast of video technology, techniques and practices through our online forums and website facilities and features in our monthly magazine. By networking at IOV events and local meetings, they can ensure they are adopting the best possible practices and delivering a service common to other likeminded professionals.

As a further reassurance to you, all IOV members must accept the right of their clients to refer any contractual disputes to the IOV Arbitration Office – and to agree to any findings they decide upon in such cases. This in itself differentiates our members from those who choose to work outside of any such framework. All members undertaking commercial activity will carry adequate Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance.

They will understand their requirements with regard to copyright, moral rights and any legislative or local restrictions that might be imposed on them in their work – and the impact these may have on the services they provide. They will understand their obligations of client confidentiality and the confidentiality of any information entrusted to them. And, of growing importance these days, they will at all times observe current Health & Safety regulations and have due consideration for the safety and welfare of staff, clients and the general public.

Look No Further
We hope you agree that these characteristics are what every client expects from their videographer – but not every videographer is willing or able to commit to providing this level of service and customer care. By employing an IOV member you will have Europe’s leading professional videography trade association helping them to exceed your expectations.

Contacting the IOV
If you have any further questions about the benefits of using an IOV Member, or the process of reporting matters to our Arbitration Officer, please feel free to contact our Central Office

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