Welcome to the IOV’s ‘Video of the Month 2014 – 2013’ (VOTM) page

Welcome to the IOV’s ‘Video of the Month 2014’ (VOTM) page. The VOTM competition has been introduced to help celebrate and showcase the great work produced by our members on a monthly basis. As the UK’s largest trade association for professional videographers, our members push the boundaries of customer satisfaction with their video and film productions on a daily basis, the VOTM competition helps us and our members to promote this very work.

November 2014 Winner

Mark Brindle of www.maniacfilms.com
“Cumbria Museum Apprentices”
A short green screen / mixed 2d animation video shot in 4K to celebrate the great job the apprentices are  doing within the Cumbria Museums Consortium (CMC). This film was meant to be their story about what  they have got out of their experience working in the museum sector at different locations in Cumbria and also to partly help market the museum and its role in the local community providing jobs and training. 
It was the first type of narrative story our client had attempted and they have received a lot of positive  ​feedback for the film and for the apprentices.

September 2014 Winner

Andy Tea
Fairie Jam Company 30 second commercial.

“The shoot was undertaken to create a 30sec promo trailer for the Faerie Jam Company, a small cottage industry created for the making of jams and preserves.
The video will appear on the Faerie Jam Company’s upcoming website and featured
​on all of the companies social media sites to give a brief overview to new and existing clients.”

July 2014 Winner

HUMANISM-CONSCIOUSNESS from Real Life Films on Vimeo.

Congratulations to David Pethick of Real Life Films Ltd. For his winning entry “Humanism- Consciousness”. ​It is a music video for young and upcoming North Eastern Band Humanism. All filming, editing and post production was by David.

May 2014 Winner

Mark Ballantyne

Filmed for the Commercial Vehicle Show using a  GY-HM 600, 2 x GoPro 3’s
and a Canon 600D with a Canon 70-300 lens for the stills.

March 2014 Winner

This months winner is Shaminder Balrai

The trailer of Salman & Mahreen’s muslim wedding, held over 3 days in
August 2013, the first Venue was The Holiday Inn, Brentford Loch, the
second Radisson Blu, Heathrow and the third Trunkwell Mansion House,
Reading. A splendid 3 days of fun, dance and laughter!

February 2014 Winner

The winner this month is Jonathan Grose

The film was the trailer for Cherise and Jeannie,
filmed at the Sculpture Gallery at Woburn Abbey on 9th January 2014,
practically the only day 
the sun shone brightly in the entire month!

The couple were stunningly photogenic and the beautiful setting and
wonderful low sun in the sky 
all helped to bring a magical feel to the filming of the day.
Logistically, the shots of the couple being driven around the estate just

before sunset proved tricky, the biggest challenge being not to fall out of the
lovely vintage car which had no front doors and rattletrap suspension!

All the footage was shot on Canon 5D mk ii cameras with 24-70mm
and 70-210mm f.2.8 Canon lenses, and the edit was performed in Pinnacle Studio 15,

which I still find myself defending as a robust and intuitive editing platform.

 January 2014 Winner

The winner this month is Stuart Boreham

The winner of the January competition is Boreham Media.
Stuart Boreham is a corporate member but in this instance
he was entirely responsible for this production.

It is a shortened version of his film which illustrates
the work of a charity in which he is heavily involved. Not only did he
film, edit and record the voice over, he also helped build the house. You
can not get much more dedicated than that.
Congratulations also go to all entrants for a very good selection of
videos and especially Thomas Hill and Cathal Hegarty.

December 2013 Winner

The winner this month is Kevin Cook

I’m really pleased to get another win on VOTM.
The £30 is always nice but nowhere near as valuable as the marketing
collateral that it provides.
I’m especially pleased to win with a film created for Stylfile as they are
firm believers in the value of commissioning a video and fully understand
the important role it plays in search engine optimisation. Nipper Clipper Video Diary’ is a short film produced for Stylfile about their attendance at the Baby Show, Olympia.
This was the first-time public exhibition of their innovative Nipper Clipper
baby and toddler nail clippers and associated Timmy Tickle Baby distraction app. The video diary is presented by 2011 BBC Apprentice winner,
Tom Pellereau – inventor of the Nipper Clipper (and other amazing nail care products) and business partner of Lord Sugar.


November 2013 Winner

The winner this month is Kevin Cook

All filming was carried out by two videographers (Martin Baker and myself)
using two DSLRs – namely a Canon 5D MkII and a 550D.
All the interviews were filmed on the 5D using a Canon 24-105mm f.4 lens.
For much of the day Martin was using the 550D with a vintage Fujinon 55mm f1.8 lens to gather the shallow depth of field shots.
There’s also one or two shots in there where the 550D was mounted on my
iFootage Mini Crane and using a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 super wide zoom –
plus there’s also a slide using the Varavon Slidecam 900.
Lighting was provided by two Lishuai LED lighting panels.

October 2013 Winner

The winner this month is Zenith Cinematography

It with 5d m3s and an FS700 which was used to give a feed to the
screens and for slow motion There was a 15feet crane and a glide cam
It was filmed by David with another two camera operators from Zenith.
This was Zenith’s biggest wedding yet, spread over three days, ending
in the luxurious Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane.
More details on this in next issue of “Focus” magazine (iss 219).

September 2013 Winner

This month’s winner of the Video Of The Month competition is Rajen

Ambasna with his entry “Reception Possible” Ajay and Roopal’s reception entrance video.
I asked Rajen about his entry and he told me
“We were contacted by a lovely couple who were looking for a fun, exciting reception entrance video to be shown to their guests just before they made their entrance”
Personally, I have to admit, when I first viewed this, I could just see in my mind, as the couple were seen on the video to be pushing at the doors at the end of the video, in real life they suddenly burst into the reception.
Rajen continued
The first meeting with the clients involved listening to their ideas and what they were looking for. Visions Video then planned the shots and worked on the logistics for filming this on the tight schedule of just one day, with the added pressure of filming at several locations in London.  We were very excited about this project  and the first draft edit was completed the next day. The clients were amazed and pleased with the results which required only a few further tweaks.  On the night of the reception, the only people who knew about the video were the couple and Visions Video. The surprised guests thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Equipment used:   Canon 7D, Canon 15-85mm lens, Manfrotto monopod, LED light panel, Konovo slider and the production was edited and colour graded  with Adobe CS6.
I must add that the judges were very impressed with this month’s entries, all of which were of high standard. It was decide not to attempt to name a runner up as it would have been very difficult to choose from such an excellent set of entries.

August 2013 Winner

Congratulations to Jonathan Grose on his winning entry “Great Little Business Films”
Jonathan commented this was filmed to promote his business and
gained the assistance of his 11 year old son. The script was
written by Neil Owens of Copy House who was instructed to provide
a minutes worth of spiel beginning with “My dad says…”
Filmed in one afternoon in the grounds of his office using a Canon
5D Mk11 with 24-70 and 70-210mm lenses and Hague Junior Jib K2
crane. It was edited using Pinnacle Studio 15.
He encountered a problem with the live sound owing to background
hum of traffic, so the audio was re-recorded for each scene and
painstakingly lip-synched to the original recording.

July 2013 Winner

Lucy & Davids’S Highlights by David Garcia

Runner Up

Stylfile Nipper Clipper by Kevin Cook

June 2013 Winner

RAF Cosford Highlights 2013 By Andy Tea

Runner Up

Gary Greenwood with his promotional video

Previous Winners

Shrina and Harish // Beautiful wedding in Ravello, Italy By David Garcia

Eiger Safety – Musical Short, From Kevin Cook. F.Inst.V


January 2013: The Christmas Chord from 2V Studios on Vimeo.

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