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I have a wedding ceremony to film, why do I need a license?
Any live music performed during the ceremony will be subject to copyright. That is how the writer of the music earns money.
The MCPS/PRS  Limited Manufacture License is intended for this purpose. It also covers live music at most private functions, eg  christenings, bar mitzvahs, funerals.

There will be a disco at the event I am filming, Do I need a license, if so, which one?
In fact, you will require two licenses, the MCPS/PRS LM license to cover the copyright of the writer and performers. Also you will need the PPL license to cover the rights of the recording company.

There will be a band at the my event, what licence do I need?
A PPL licence is all that is required unless you record any music while pre-recorded music is playing.
It would be advisable to ask permission from the band to film them as they will now own the copyright of their performance

My client does not want the recording on a DVD, preferring it on a USB stick.
The MCPS/PRS website only allows recording to a dvd or Blu-ray. What do I do?

The IOV have an agreement that allows the file to be supplied on alternative forms of media other than disc. To ensure you have this extended cover, purchase your licence through the IOV website links.

I would like to put my video online (You-tube or Vimeo) Do the MCPS/PRS and PPL licenses permit this?
These licenses do not permit use of commercially recorded music on the internet. You will need to contact the individual copyright owners to negotiate an agreement. Alternatively, and usually the easiest solution, is to select music from one of the libraries of copyright assigned music. These contain a vast quantity of varying styles of music, which, once purchased, you can normally use without restriction or licensing requirements.

When I purchased the MCPS/PRS licence, I found it automatically included a PPL license.   Why is this and can I prevent it from happening as I have a number of PPL stickers to use?
When you are completing the MCPS/PRS on-line application form, read the details carefully. You will find a small box to check so that the PPL cover is not included.
Remember, you must opt out of this every time you purchase.

My client would like me to dub songs of their own choice to their wedding video. What licence do I need for this.
You will require both the MCPS/PRS licence to cover the copyright of the writer and performers. Also you will need the PPL license to cover the rights of the recording company. Keep in mind the limitations of the MCPS/PRS with regard to amount of copyright music used on the recording. There are separate licences for music durations of less than 25 minutes and for productions where the total duration of music exceeds 25 minutes.

I want to stream my music for our Church 
In these unprecedented times, it is important for churches to pray with their congregations and remain connected with them. Amid government-mandated limits on how many people can meet at a time, churches across the country are cancelling traditional gatherings and postponing events. We recognise the burden that this sudden change has had on its day to day operations, so to help assist churches in this uncertain time we’ve gathered some information to help you start streaming your services

Limited Online Music Licence (LOML)
See PRS for Music

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