Why do we need Arbitration?

From time to time disputes arise between videographers and clients. This is where the IOV’s Arbitration Service can be employed to achieve a fair and amicable settlement. The IOV offers this service free to its members.*

The Arbitration Service is also responsible for handling disciplinary matters involving IOV members. A professional organisation must command respect and it cannot do this by endorsing sub standard work or unprofessional conduct that ultimately reflects on each and every member. Our commitment to quality is very real and it applies to arbitration in the same way that it does to any other aspect of video production.

If you have a dispute with your videographer, please contact us by email outlining the dispute and videographer in question. We are unable to advise on arbitration matters by telephone.


(* please note if an incident has already started before membership has started, then we may not be able to use this service for that particular incident)

(* for members with quarterly payments , you have to be a member for 6 months before  arbitration comes into force)


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