The Study Material and Associate Membership Exam
Once you have logged you will be able to work through the study material, section by section, and at your own pace. You will also be able to skip to those sections where you believe you need further guidance, or search the content for specific learning material.

Whilst the VideoSkills book is a very useful and comprehensive addition to your studies, the content of the VideoSkills website is being constantly updated. Most notably, as the IOV has members in a wide range of countries, users will be presented with Business & Legal material relevant to their geographical location. Please follow the links in the left-hand menu to order your copy of the VideoSkills book.

IOV Members and approved registered users can, at any point, opt to be tested on their knowledge in any of the five categories. Access to the exam is provided by either following the links within the study material – or by selecting the exam from within your VideoSkills portal page. As soon as you start your first exam category you will be given a period of 3-months in which to complete all five categories. If you pass the exam, you will then be requested to pay the exam fee in order to move to the first stage of Accreditation. Non-members who pass the exam will be sent an invitation to join the IOV – and pay the relevant membership fee (see here for details on joining fees and annual membership rates)

If you fail one of the category exams (at which you have three attempts at each category) you will need to pay the £35 exam fee in order to re-set your account and attempt the exams again. At this point all of your previous exam marks will be erased and you will need to take all five category exams again. If you fail all three attempts again you will have to wait 3-months from the date of the last failure before you will be permitted to pay for a further reactivation.

If you are not currently a member of the IOV, please visit the IOV’s main website for more details by clicking here.

Exam Format
The exam is presented in a multiple-choice format. Some questions have only one possible answer, whilst others will require more than one option to be selected. You will be allowed three attempts to pass each of the five categories.

Each exam category is made of up of twenty Random, Mandatory and Compulsory questions. The Random questions are drawn from an extensive pool of possible questions you might be asked in your exam. If you fail on your first attempt, it is likely that you will be presented with a different set of questions on your next attempt. Mandatory questions are those which you will be asked in every exam attempt, whilst Compulsory questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the category exam. Some questions are both Mandatory and Compulsory. The pass mark for each category is 70%.

If you do not complete the exam, or log-out or lose connection to the website you will not be deducted one of your attempts. However, if you go back into the exam all your answers for the previous attempt will be erased. You will also be presented with a new set of Random questions within the exam category.

At the end of the twenty questions you will be presented with a page containing all the answers you have provided to the questions. At this point you have one last opportunity to edit your answer before hitting the final submit button.

Once you have completed the exam you will be presented with a score sheet, which includes links back to the study material on questions that were answered incorrectly. If you have failed to reach the pass mark, or have answered one of the Compulsory questions incorrectly, you will be deducted one attempt of your possible three.

If you pass the exam you will still be provided with a score sheet which will highlight any questions you have answered incorrectly. You will then be passed back to your portal page which will display your progress through the entire exam. You will also have the facility to take the category exam again in ‘Benchmarking Mode’. This is purely a voluntary option and provided so that you can attempt to better your score and widen your knowledge

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