Assesment Criteria – Glossary of Terms

Ambient Sound
General background sound

Audio Dubbing
The adding of additional audio (e.g. music) to a soundtrack

Auto Focus
The system and/or ability of some cameras to automatically adjust picture focus

Auto Iris
The system and/or ability of cameras to automatically adjust picture exposure

Balancing Audio
Also known as mixing audio

The intentional movement of the camera perpendicular to the subject

The intentional alteration of the height of the camera in relation to the subject

Colour Matching
Ensuring that picture quality from different cameras / sessions appear similar

Depth of Field
The portion of a picture between the camera lens and infinity which is in focus

The transition between two video sources with a duration of 2 or more frames

The natural ‘storytelling’ progression of a video

The sharpness of a picture/the act of causing a picture to be in focus

The composition of a shot within the video frame/the act of framing

Level Shots
Shots which are level relative to the natural horizon

Lighting (Indoor/Outdoor)
The mixture of lighting sources with different colour temperatures

Live Audio
Live sound as opposed to recorded or ‘dubbed’ sound

Mobile Camera Support Systems
Equipment other than a studio camera pedestal or tripod used to carry the weight of the camera and which allows the operator to move the camera whilst ‘on shot’ or recording. Systems include jibs, cranes and Steadicam.

Music Bed
A piece of music, sometimes low level, used to enhance a video. Mainly used in ‘corporate’ type programmes

The perceived speed at which times passes within a programme.

Safe Area
The area within the video frame which is considered not to be effected by domestic cut-off

Shot exposure
The relative darkness or brightness of a shot

Straight Cut
Transition between one shot and another with a duration of 0 frames

The movement of the camera either towards or away from the subject

The change between one shot and another

Voice Over
A piece of recorded speech used to inform the viewer or enhance a video presentation

White balancing
Adjusting the camera’s ability to accurately reproduce a picture in accordance with the current ambient colour temperature

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