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The initial step in IOV Accreditation requires you to pass the online, multiple-choice, exam. This is contained within the VideoSkills section of this website which provides free public access to the training material that you will be tested upon.

Essentially, the VideoSkills syllabus covers everything the IOV believes you should understand in order to operate as a professional videographer. It is divided into five study and exam categories covering Cameracraft, Lighting, Audio, Post Production and Business & Legal. Whilst the study material is mostly freely available to everyone, IOV members have additional access to the exam itself. When you join the IOV you will be eligible to take the exam. If you pass the exam and wish to convert the pass into the initial stage of the Master Member accreditation (Part One) you are required to pay an exam fee.  Full details of the study material and exam process can be found on the VideoSkills section of this website.

Once you have successfully passed the online exam you will have 12 calendar months (as indicated upon the exam pass certificate) in which to submit a practical piece of work for full accreditation as a Master Member of the Institute of Videography. Full IOV Accreditation is achieved by submitting satisfactory samples of your work for Assessment according to a set criteria (see link below).

Your work will be viewed by a panel of existing Fellow Members. The panel’s main objectives are to grade the submitted video for its content (Suitability for Purpose) and the craft skills used in the production.

Whilst no hard-and-fast measurements can be used to grade artistic creations such as video, the panel’s responsibility is to state whether or not that member has shown a professionally competent level in video production and able to practically demonstrate the craft skill syllabus contained within the Part One Online Exam. In essence, gaining full IOV Accreditation provides you with a recommendation from the IOVs Assessment Panel.

Currently, all Fully Accredited members are listed in ‘The List’ as reproduced in the IOVs publication – Focus eMagazine – and can be searched for on the ‘Find a Videographer‘ section of this website. Aside from this exposure ‘The List’ is supplied to members of the public and potential clients who approach the IOV for recommended videographers. Other Fully Accredited members also find these services of use should they need another suitably qualified operator.

Basic Guide to gaining Accreditation

1. Read the study material at videoskills

2. Login and take the Online Part One Exam

3. We will be notified of the pass and send you an email inviting you to convert the pass into Part One of IOV accreditation

4. If you wish to convert there is a fee (there will be a link in the email) and you will be sent a pass certificate

5. To continue to Full Accreditation first choose what level you are applying for (see below)

6. Open and fill in the Assessment Application PDF form found at the bottom of this page

7. Save the form and attach it to an email addressed to, and include any links to your productions in the email

8. You will be sent an email confirming receipt of the form which includes a link for payment.

9. Once the fee is paid you will be notified of when the assessment will take place

The three different grades of Full IOV Accreditation…

VideoSKills  Master Member (M.M.Inst.V.)
Master Membership is aimed at those looking for personal accreditation. To achieve Master Membership you will have to be able to demonstrate a good understanding of video production techniques (see criteria guidance notes below). The panel will assess various aspects of the production including Titles & Graphics, Camerawork & Lighting, Sound, Post Production and Overall Production Quality. Your submission must be accompanied with a completed Assessment Form (attached to the bottom of this article). An email with a payment link for the £45.00 Assessment Fee will be sent back to you.

If the panel find that the video is of a standard that reflects a common level of production competence (rated 70% or higher), Master Membership is awarded and the member is supplied with a written report, a certificate and an upgraded membership card that reflects the qualification. If the production falls below the current standard, the member remains eligible to submit further work so long as it is within 12 months of the Part One pass date as printed on the certificate.

There is no limit to the number of times that you can apply for Master Membership. On achieving Master Membership the member may use the credentials M.M.Inst.V. after his or her name and the IOV logo may be used for the purpose of stationery and promotional material.

  Fellow Member (F.Inst.V.)
If your Master Membership assessment submission is of exceptional standard (rated 90% or higher), you will be invited to apply for Fellowship. At this point you are still a Master Member, but you have achieved what is referred to as ‘Fellowship Recommendation’. To apply for Fellowship you must send in two further examples of your work with an additional Assessment Fee (see current price fees). If the panel also judge these to be of an exceptional standard (rated 90% or higher) then Fellowship is awarded.

If you have gained Master Membership, but not yet Fellowship Recommendation, you can still apply for Fellowship at any time. This is a two-stage process and requires you to initially send in a single assessment submission and fee (see current price fees), which has to achieve Fellowship Recommendation. You will then be asked to send in two further examples on a following assessment. There is no limit to the number of times that you can apply for Fellowship.

On achieving Fellowship, the member may use the credentials F.Inst.V. after his or her name and the IOV logo may be used for the purpose of stationery and promotional material.

  Corporate Member
Corporate Membership is aimed at larger production companies. The accreditation is awarded to the company or trading name as opposed to the individual. You will need to submit three examples of your work, along with a completed Assessment Form and Assessment Fee (see current price fees). The pass mark for Corporate Membership is in-line with Fellowship at 90%.

Once a Corporate Member has been passed by the Assessment Panel, that company may use the IOV logo for the purpose of stationery and promotional material. A Corporate Member may also apply for an additional login for key members of staff to access the IOVs members-only forums.

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