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    The IOV has researched and collated what it considers to be the core knowledge that every videographer should know in order to offer their services professionally and operate in line with the IOV rules of membership. This study material is broken down into five sections covering Cameracraft, Lighting, Audio, Post Production and Business & Legal.

    The study section of this website is freely available to IOV Members and non-members alike. IOV Members are automatically registered when they join, whilst non-members will simply need to offer some basic contact information and an active email address to start studying the material. ;Please note, by registering on the VideoSkills part of the website you are also giving the IOV permission to contact you with other promotional materials.

    When a non-member registers on the site their account will be updated as soon as possible to include access to the online VideoSkills exam. This is a multiple choice exam, presented in five easy-to-complete stages covering each of the five study categories.

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