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It may take a few days (not including weekends / Bank Holidays) to process your application. Once we have confirmation of your payment and accompanying personal information, we will initiate your IOV record and set up your online access. Please note that if you have accessed this website previously using a Registered User login, this will not allow you to access the Members-only areas. These can only be entered using the login that we will send you as part of your welcome pack.

Should you wish to discuss your application – or have a query not covered in this section – please feel free to contact the Central Office

It is essential that you agree to abide by the IOV’s Code of Practice. Submitting online payment shall be deemed as proof that you have read and agree to this document. The right to refuse admission to the Institute of Videography without reason being given, and the right to suspend or expel a member without refund of subscription for misconduct or unprofessional practice is retained at all times. Admission is based on an acceptance of this principle.

For further information, please use the contact page

*minimum term 1 year

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