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Looking for a supplier? Trade Directory is a list of all companies that subscribe to to the IOV website and Focus Magazine and are therefore committed to provide suitable products to the pro video industry. To find a Supplier either use the Search Form or browse the company profiles. Still can’t find the right supplier? Then feel free to contact us and we will search our extensive database to help you in your quest.

Area Notice Boards
Networking at both regional and national levels is a benefit of membership that is hard to define, but members soon come to appreciate its value.  Area meetings are held on a regular basis and organised by an IOV Representative or team of volunteers. Meetings feature social events, equipment demonstrations, guest speakers, viewing and appraisal of video work, and other topics requested by the local members. Meetings are open to members and non-members alike, though IOV members are automatically kept informed of dates and subjects – and benefit from a discount on the entrance fee.

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Sales & Wants
Free online classified adverts for members
Adverts are limited to a maximum 100 words per advert. Each member is restricted to not more than 3 adverts in any 3 month period. Extra adverts can be purchased for £6 each inc VAT. Adverts will automatically be deleted after they have run for 3 months, but you may request for them to be deleted at any time. Once placed, only one price change will be permitted, but any other amendments and partial deletions will be counted as a new advert. Adverts are for selling used or unwanted equipment, not for commercial sales. The Executive Committee reserve the right to remove or refused to place adverts that are considered unsuitable, for whatever reason, without having to give an explanation.
Members whose membership expires and they fail to renew during a free advert’s run may be asked to pay for the advert or have the advert deleted.

If you would like to submit an item (or items) for sale, please use the ‘New Article’ button below and enter the details of the advert (see ‘Using this Site’ for for more information on this process). Don’t worry if you’re not sure that layout and content are correct – we check all adverts prior to them appearing here. (Non-members or new accounts must provide payment with order – or pay online here

Focus Magazine
FOCUS Magazine is the monthly publication that is distributed to IOV Members and Non Member Subscribers. FOCUS Magazine reports on all aspects of the professional video production industry and keeps its readers up to date with whats been going on in the Institute of Videography (IOV). We aim to provide more than just a platform for advertisers by reporting on relevant, useful and informative topics.

FOCUS Magazine comes as part of the benefits of IOV Membership, or is available by private subscription. For further information on subscription please contact our central office via email at

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