Master Member IOV Accreditation (Part Two)



Once you have successfully passed the online exam you will have 12 calendar months (as indicated upon the exam pass certificate) in which to submit a practical piece of work for full accreditation as a Master Member of the Institute of Videography. Full IOV Accreditation is achieved by submitting satisfactory samples of your work for Assessment according to a set criteria (see link below).

Your work will be viewed by a panel of existing Fellow Members. The panel’s main objectives are to grade the submitted video for its content (Suitability for Purpose) and the craft skills used in the production.

Whilst no hard-and-fast measurements can be used to grade artistic creations such as video, the panel’s responsibility is to state whether or not that member has shown a professionally competent level in video production and able to practically demonstrate the craft skill syllabus contained within the Part One Online Exam. In essence, gaining full IOV Accreditation provides you with a recommendation from the IOVs Assessment Panel.

Promoting Professionalism in Video Production

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