Master Member Accreditation (Part One)



For further IOV endorsement and promotion

The initial step in IOV Accreditation requires you to pass the online, multiple-choice, exam. This is contained within the VideoSkills website ( which provides free public access to the training material that you will be tested upon.

Essentially, the VideoSkills syllabus covers everything the IOV believes you should understand in order to operate as a professional videographer. It is divided into five study and exam categories covering Cameracraft, Lighting, Audio, Post Production and Business & Legal. Whilst the study material is freely available to everyone, IOV members have additional access to the exam itself. When you join the IOV you will be supplied with login details that will recognise you as a current member and enable you to take the exam. If you pass the exam and wish to convert the pass into the initial stage of the Master Member accreditation (Part One) you are required to pay an exam fee of £35.00. Full details of the study material and exam process can be found on the VideoSkills website (

Once you have successfully passed the online exam you will have 12 calendar months (as indicated upon the exam pass certificate) in which to submit a practical piece of work for full accreditation as a Master Member of the Institute of Videography. Full IOV Accreditation is achieved by submitting satisfactory samples of your work for Assessment according to a set criteria

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