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Welcome to the IOV’s Corporate Contract section. These documents are for use and adaptation by IOV members in relation to corporate contracts and occasions where they are engaged to either Film & Edit, Film Only or Edit Only. It is important to note that you are granted licence to use these documents whilst you remain a member of the IOV.

These contracts are provided as a guidance only, and the IOV accepts no liability for any loss which might arise from their use.

How to use the documents
Each version of the document has its own guidance videos presented by Clive Lawrence, a Partner of Clarion Solicitors LLP of Leeds ( and the solicitor engaged to draw up the documents. You should first watch the introduction video for each version by clicking on the link in the title bars below.

You should then open the link to the PDF copy of each contract. These PDF documents include green highlighted areas (which should appear as below) on clauses and sections which offer further explanations and guidance. Simply click on the green highlighted area in each PDF to watch the video.

Finally, the Word versions can be downloaded and used as a template to which you can, to some extent, pick and choose what suits your particular project requirements. However, please ensure you watch all the guidance videos before omitting, adding to or editing any part of these documents.

VideoSection 12, 13 & 14 Film & Edit 1


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