1.1 Introduction

IOV membership means different things to different people. Some join and immediately strive for qualification (see Section 5 – Assessment), while others find that they benefit purely by being associated with a professional body and by networking with like-minded individuals.

But for whatever reason you join the IOV, we promise that you will benefit from your membership in many ways. Not only by taking advantage of membership services such as arbitration (see Section 4 – Arbitration) and the IOV Hotline – 03335 660064 – but also by taking part in the shape, image and direction of both the IOV and the professional video industry.

1.2 The Organisation

As a democratic organisation the IOV can only ever be what its members want it to be. The current Executive is listed below and changes of policy are discussed and announced in the IOVs journal – Focus Magazine. Further details of the constitutional and democratic processes can be found in the IOVs Articles of Association, which are reproduced in Section 6 – Constitution of this folder.

The IOV holds an Annual General Meeting (AGM) every year at which the current Executive present the Audited Accounts and Reports from the various internal offices. Members are also balloted on the election of the serving Executive Panel for the following year. Apart from managing the day to day business of the IOV, the Executive has the power to appoint various regional and local officers from within the IOV membership. All are answerable to the Executive and, therefore, the Membership as a whole. We firmly believe in performance-related appointments and encourage constructive criticism of our services. It is only through this open approach that we hope to provide an efficient and beneficial service to the membership.

The current Executive’s vision of the future sees the IOV keeping pace with a rapidly-changing media industry, embracing new technology and catering for the needs of both the multi-tasking videographer and the media specialist. To achieve its ultimate goal of promoting professionalism in video production, the IOV Executive will endeavour to expand the current training programme (VideoSkills) to include workshops and training programmes relevant to its increasingly varied membership. The IOV will continue to set the standard of skill and competence expected of its members and reward those whom achieve it with meaningful, and publicly recognised, qualifications.

1.3 The Current Executive an be found here

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