3.1 Introduction

This section outlines the roles and responsibilities of all appointed officers and key members of the IOV. The contact details for each can be found in Appendix 1 – IOV Contacts at the end of this pack. Alternatively, members can obtain these details by calling the IOV Central Office on +44 (0)3335 660064.

3.2 Executive Administrator

The Executive Administrator’s main role is to give direction and leadership toward the achievement of the organisation’s philosophy, mission, strategy, and its annual goals and objectives. The Executive Administrator reports directly to the Executive Committee through the chairman’s office and, in addition, enables the Executive Committee to fulfil its governance function.

3.3 Membership Secretary

Any matters relating to membership, such as Membership Fee collections and changes of address, should be directed to the Membership Secretary. The Membership Secretary is also responsible for dealing with membership enquiries. Existing members are often asked by other video professionals for more information on the IOV – details can be sent out simply by calling the IOV’s Central Office and passing the details on. The IOV maintains an electronic database in line with the Data Protection Act, which is continually updated and maintained.

3.4 Treasurer

Annual and quarterly accounting and the day-to-day finances of the IOV are dealt with by the Treasurer. Correspondence should be in writing wherever possible.

3.5 Assessment Panel Administrator

All members are encouraged to become qualified, and the notes to be found in Section 5 – Assessment will help you to achieve this. Please ensure that you have passed your Part One (Theory) exam prior to submitting work for assessment. The Assessment Application Form and payment options are available online at – www.iov.co.uk/assessment.

3.6 Magazine Editor & IOV Website Administrator

Focus Magazine provides the IOV’s membership with a platform through which to communicate with the professional video industry. It is subscribed to by leading manufacturers, dealers, colleges, government departments and video professionals from all areas of video, multimedia, TV and film production. Readers are encouraged to participate and comment by way of both editorial and correspondence. The IOVs website (www.iov.co.uk) has been developed to incorporate many of the benefits of Focus Magazine and act as a recruitment tool for IOV membership. Members are encouraged to use the IOV website as an information and networking resource. Members benefit from exclusive access to Members Zone, which includes forums, reference sections, a networking area for all members, and a download section for important documentation.

3.7 Arbitration & Disciplinary Officer

The IOV offers a free arbitration service to its members by providing informed and unbiased advice to both parties (see Section 4 – Arbitration). IOV Officers can also be authorised by the Executive to act as Independent Experts in cases involving non members – acting on behalf of either party. Disciplinary matters are also dealt with by this office.

3.8 VideoSkills Training

Since 1997, the IOV has been providing a series of practical workshops – VideoSkills. These include craft, business and technology workshops to help you maintain and improve your levels of proficiency. IOV members benefit from substantial discounts on all VideoSkills workshops – full details of which can be found on the IOVs website – www.iov.co.uk/videoskills.

3.9 Area Reps – UK and Republic of Ireland

Although not imperative, members should try to attend at least one local meeting per year and make the acquaintance of their Area Rep. Networking is probably the most underrated benefit of membership, and your Area Rep represents a logical first point of contact for advice and support.

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