Sony have some new courses now available…

In addition to the free of charge half day that they run for the new VENICE camera, they also have:

HDR, Ultra HD and 2020 course 1 day | £320 per person plus VAT Learn about the 4K video in its various forms concentrating on Ultra HD and see how dynamic range and HDR work and why they are major talking points in the AV media community. Also, learn how Rec. 2020 brings more realistic colours, and improvements in frame rates bring better motion capture and portrayal.

Exposure 1 day | £320 per person plus VAT Learn how cameras capture, output and record scenes. This course will show you how to set the camera up to capture as much detail from the scene as possible and what you should do to process this captured scene to retain the quality through to the final programme. This course is designed specifically for cameras like F65, VENICE, PMW-F55, FS7, FS5 and Alpha 7 series.

Corporate Video Production 1 day | £320 per person plus VAT Learn about the world of Corporate Video Production, compared to other aspects of the industry, with hands-on practical experience of typical corporate scenarios.

This course explores how to manage demand and grow a small production business AND how to deliver high-quality video production services from an in-house corporate perspective. This training course is designed for in-house corporate video production departments, freelancers, new starters, or creative video people working or thinking about working in corporate video production

S-Log Course 1 day | £320 per person plus VAT (coming soon) This course will show you all you need to know to work with Sony S-Log, and in particular the latest rendition of S-Log, S-Log3. You will learn what S-Log is and how it can be used to record superb images with wide dynamic range, and how it is a good choice for future-proofed archived material.

You will learn how to set up a camera or camcorder to record S-Log, and how to monitor and review recordings.

You will learn how to use S-Log material in post-production to produce a number of final edits for different requirements.

You will also learn how to use S-Log in live production to produce a final output that matches current high dynamic range and standard dynamic range distribution formats.

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