We have had an approach from a member of the public who is dissatisfied with the wedding video produced by a Leicester based company (not IOV members). The dispute has been running for close to three years and is about to be heard in the Small Claims Court. This is what the wedding client says: “In July 2015, myself and my wife got married and hired a Wedding Videographer and Photographer. We received our first “edit” 3 months later, which was pretty much all the video files put together, with no editing whatsoever. We were then told it was our job to tell them what we liked, and what we didn’t. This included the effects, and transitions etc. We were  shocked, we paid a substantial sum of money, and looking at the first video, we were quite upset. 3 years down the line, after numerous going back and forth attempts to provide them with fixes, we still haven’t got our final product. They have tried now twice, to finalize the video, and on  each occasion introduced further issues/errors.   Issues such as colour saturation on the video with two different cameras/configurations used, resulted in one of them being brighter and the light cooler than the other. They tried to correct this, and the saturation of the video was spoilt. For example, in one shot, a woman’s dress was orange, and in the other red. Another example is my wife’s face zoomed in and overlayed over a different shot for a few seconds.   Are you able to provide an expert report / be a witness at the hearing. Happy to provide you with the Wedding and Reception footage which is the main product we aren’t happy with. There are 3 other videos, for the pre-events but they are less important. One of the additional albums we had ordered also was damaged the first time on receipt, they agreed to fix it, then three months later, the replacement album was received, also damaged, and falling a part.” “[The company concerned] has filed a defence and I have till 3rd of August to notify the courts whether I will have expert written evidence or not.” Anyone willing to take this work on would need to liaise directly with the client and provide a quotation for the work involved, i.e. checking the contract and communications trail (i.e. what ought to be expected for the price, reviewing the video and making a written evaluation, and quite possibly appearing as a witness). My view is that payment should be set up with the client who would then ask the Court to include these costs in the award if he wins his case. This work would be suitable for Fellow or Master Members with considerable experience of wedding productions. Please respond if interested and I will then provide the information so that you can contact the cleint and begin negotiations. Tony Manning Chair, Institute of Videography Mob: 07960 719520


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