Dear IOV Member We will be announcing the 2018 AGM shortly and it is important to have as much member involvement as possible. As part of the process we will once again look to re-establish a proper functioning Executive that can manage the affairs of the IOV on behalf of its members. Cheema (as Treasurer and Webmaster) and myself have been looking after things as best we can during a time of transition to keep the organisation solvent and afloat. We would like to do much more, but need more hands on deck to do so. So, this is an earnest request for suitable candidates to put themselves forward for election, even if you can only commit to one year in office if elected. In addition, while it has been pleasing to have a small body of members step forward to assist on an occasional basis we need a larger proportion of members who are willing to take an active role in contributing to the life of the IOV community.

Closing date 9th July 2018

Nomination for Election to the IOV Executive Ideally we are looking for a complement of five Executive members including the Chair. Candidates for election will need to have been fully accredited i.e. Master or Fellow Member status for a period of at least two years. There are two main reasons for this: accredited members have demonstrated a commitment to the stated objectives of the IOV, viz. “Promoting Professionalism in Video Production”; in the event of a dispute about standards of production or member behaviour, or about not achieving the standard to be awarded Master Membership, the Executive would have to make a final ruling, and its members must therefore have the status and authority to do so. Candidates need to be nominated by another Member and will submit a manifesto stating what they will bring to the role. For your convenience you can fill out your application online here: (or below if you do not wish to have a new window) Look at our constitution here (log-in required):

Roles, Meetings and Remuneration. All Exec members will share a responsibility to look after the best interests of the organisation and its members as well as to portray a competent image with the public and with colleagues in our fields of operation. Beyond this, specific roles and responsibilities can be delegated, and willing non-elected individuals may be co-opted to join the Exec for a particular purpose for a limited period of time. In the past face-to-face meetings of an Executive body of typically seven people would convene in a variety of locations for a whole day session. This was an expensive process particularly when it involved flights and accommodation. Each member was paid an allowance to cover absence from their own business of £350 plus travel and any out-of-pocket expenses. I understand there would typically have been four to six such meetings each year. Latterly with advances in technology we have not found this approach to be necessary. Shorter online meetings have often been effective, although we have had technical problems which have wasted a lot of time. For the future I would nevertheless recommend at least two F2F meetings per annum, ideally in different regions, and with some opportunity to meet and involve members in that region at some point during the day. Executive members, then as now, have typically put in a great deal of their own time on a voluntary basis. Even so I do not consider it fair or realistic to expect members to take on official duties without recompense. I would suggest each member should receive a quarterly payment of £350 for meetings as well as the general and specific tasks taken on.

  1. Treasurer (and this has tended to include Webmaster duties although not every member will necessarily have the skills or time to do both). Allowance £5200 pa
  2. Arbitration Officer. Allowance £5200 pa (current AO agreed to a monthly allowance plus a rate per hour for actual work conducted, resulting in a much reduced outlay).
  3. Editor of Focus Magazine. This entailed a host of tasks beyond editing submitted material. Focus is not currently in publication, since it was increasingly burdensome to try to put together a magazine with minimal member input. Allowance: £800 per issue.

All of the above payments are substantially in arrears and monthly payments to ZC and myself of £350 are reducing the outstanding balances. Most other shortfalls have now been paid in full. All payments and allowances will need to be discussed by an incoming Executive and ratified or revised and the outcome communicated to members. If there are sufficient qualified members willing to stand for election I will once again put myself forward and I understand that Cheema, who is currently ex officio will do likewise. If we then have a legitimate Executive body Cheema and myself will guarantee to stay on board if re-elected for at least a year to provide stability and to brief others on a range of matters they will need to be aware of. In the event that we cannot form an Executive as required by our Constitution we will have to ask members what they wish for in respect of the future of the organisation. Now that our accounts have arrived we can go ahead and arrange an AGM as soon as possible. Please make every effort ideally to attend in person, or failing that to submit a proxy vote. All the necessary information will be sent out as soon as possible. Tony Manning Chair, Institute of Videography

Closing date 9th July 2018



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