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The IOV’s Code of Practice was formulated in 1987 by the IOVs Executive to act as a guideline for its members. The proof of its success is that it still represents the fundamental principles by which the IOV operates. By signing the Membership Application form, every member has agreed to abide by its principles.

The Code of Practice has been designed to aid both the videographer and the general public by outlining certain standards and expectations that should, if met fully, ensure that every commission is carried out to everyone’s satisfaction. Any member deviating from the Code of Practice must be able to justify their actions to the Executive.

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It is essential that you agree to abide by the IOV’s Code of Practice.  Submitting online payment shall be deemed as proof that you have read and agree to this document. The right to refuse admission to the Institute of Videography without reason being given, and the right to suspend or expel a member without refund of subscription for misconduct or unprofessional practice is retained at all times. Admission is based on an acceptance of this principle.

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