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It is our aim to keep the membership application process as simple as possible.  Please follow the steps below…

1.Learn About Us

Take time to read the general information on this site and, in particular, the sections on Membership Structure and Benefits of Membership.

2.What Type of Member?

It is important to know what type of membership you are applying for. Initially, there are two main classes of membership – Ordinary and Student. All members must join as an Ordinary member (non-qualified), with the option of attaining accreditation at a later time. The only exception is Student membership, which is reserved solely for those that can provide proof that they are in full-time education.  For further information on IOV Accreditation and the Assessment System, follow this link – Assessment.

3.Before you sign up…

The IOV caters for a wide range of video and multimedia producers, but the common bond between members is that they all agree to abide by our Code of Practice to further promote professionalism within the video industry. Your application is confirmation that you have read this document.

4. The Application Form

Once you have read our Code of Practice you can then proceed to the online Application Form. Fill in the form, paying particular attention to your contact details. The name that you submit is how it will in your membership record, so if you prefer to be known as ‘Bill’ instead of ‘William’, this is your opportunity to let us know. Your email address and a contact number are essential.

You need to choose between Ordinary and Student Membership (please note, Student Membership is only available to those in full-time education).  More details on the requirements of Student Membership, and the levels of accredited membership which can be attained after joining, can be found here. Once completed, select the relevant payment option to continue.

It may take a  few working days to process your application.  Once we have confirmation of your payment and accompanying personal information, we will initiate your IOV record and set up your online access.  Please note that if you have accessed this website previously using a Registered User login, this will not allow you to access the Members-only areas.  These can only be entered using the login that we will send you as part of your welcome pack.

Should you wish to discuss an aspect of your application – or have a query not covered in this section – please feel free to contact us at the Central Office.

5. How Much do I Pay?

Standard membership is priced at £99 per annum. This is for individual members.
You may prefer to pay quarterly using Direct Debit charged at £26.75, again for individual members.

Corporate membership, for companies of any size, is charged at £163 pa. Corporate members are entitled to privileges which include discounts on advertising with the IOV.

Student membership (described above is offered at £35 per annum).

Retired membership is also offered at £35 per annum.

The IOV publication VideoSkills, is not included with membership but is an option on joining at a discount price of £9.99. Please add this if required in your shopping basket.

Prices are accurate at 1st March 2018 and are subject to review at any time by the IOV Executive.

All members are required to agree to the IOV Code of Conduct so this is the next page prior to competing your application form.
On completion you will next continue to the relevant shopping cart.


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If you have any queries regarding applying for membership please use the contact form

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