1. I am often annoyed by the vague questions in surveys, but I was appalled that the IOV management, when communicating with professional members, would include so many ill-defined questions that the survey results will be meaningless. For example the question about how far would you travel – I have driven on journeys of over 100 miles in 2014, have been much more local recently, but I would travel long distances now or in the future if it was appropriate to do so so what answer should I give? It needs to give a time period over which to assess actual travel undertaken and be clear about whether your willingness to undertake travel is to be included. Questions like “are you a generalist, a specialist or a bit of both” are a joke – I specialise is everything but I am a very special generalist. I understand that the IOV management is under a bit of strain at present, and I think they should be spending their time on more important issues than this exercise which appears to be just trying to give the appearance of communication with the members.

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