IOV AGM 2017
Below is the accounts for the IOV from 2015 to 2016 to make your vote please go to bottom of the accounts page.

Some notes on the accounts:

The main debtors to the IOV are members they are,  Z Cheema, A Manning, B Stanislas & S Abrams, and M West

Expenses have been paid to members where they have been in pursuit of the IOV business, with fees being banked.

Not all IOV business has been claimed for by various Exec and admin members.

Outgoing have been reduced as much as possible, with a saving of £6k a year by moving over to the new website.  There are ongoing items that are part of a business, Telephone, Internet, premises and storage* for exhibition items and paperwork we have to keep legally for 6 years. The main out going cost is the IOV administration & premises.
(*Storage in accounts also includes rental of the office)

The out look is not brilliant if we continue as we are, though there may be an admin saving in the future as the website automates the accounts, membership and general items and so we can use that additional labour in other ways, e.g., advertising, events, web site maintenance, reducing outstanding debt etc.


IOV Annual Accounts 2016 - 2016 LnkFRSSE1

Make your vote for the accounts here:

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  2. Barry Weare M.M.Inst.V. 5 years ago

    Hi, unfortunately the accounts pdf above appears to be ten blank pages so I can’t approve it! Rgds Barry

  3. Iain Wagstaff M.M.Inst.V. 5 years ago

    I can only view pages 1-6 ie not 7-10

  4. Admin IOV 5 years ago

    I have added a download link for those unable to view in their browsers and on mobiles,

    Ian, not sure why you only see certain pages I can see all in my Chrome browser & Microsoft edge browser

    Barry, some browsers need to have a PDF plugin to allow you to view PDFs without downloading the file

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