Dear Member I am delighted to announce the return of Focus Magazine, newly designed by Keith Woolford, and with an impressive array of knowledgeable writers from within our membership. The relaunch is symbolic at a number of levels. First of all it was a proper team effort from concept to delivery. Chris North did a great deal of work to corral writers, even conducting an extensive telephone interview as stage one of one such article. He and  I supported Keith by giving our time to check and double-check articles and revisions of articles until they were ready to go! If you find further errors I would like to say this was deliberate to provide a challenge, but alas inevitably we may have missed things. Secondly, the magazine reminds us of the talent and wide-ranging knowledge within the membership, and once spurred on, just how willing people are to share that knowledge for the greater good. This bodes well for the future, not only as a reassurance to each other, but as a message to the production  world more generally, that the IOV is not only still around but has a worthwhile constituency of practice and expertise. I sincerely hope that this energy will drive us on in the future especially as we arrive in 2019 intent on restoring a proper Executive body to serve the membership. If we can accomplish this and harness the goodwill of the membership we can do more than survive, as we have had to do of late, we can innovate and make membership truly beneficial. Tony Manning IOV Chair

PDF : Focus-234-keith-woolford-page-swipe-30-12-18.pdf  (7Mb)



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