Dear Member The time for suitably qualified members to put themselves forward to serve on the IOV Executive expired on Monday 25th March, and I am pleased to report that we received five applications. One, unfortunately, did not comply with the requirements in that no proposer was entered. We permitted some time in case this had been a simple oversight but when that appeared not to be the case we had to disallow that application. Four candidates remained. They are: Peter Hinkson, Ian Sandall, Zulqar Cheema and myself.

To read each candidate’s submission in detail please click here:

  In my view an Executive of five would have been ideal – enough people to do the work and drive innovation, and no risk of a hung vote. With four we are in a viable position to conduct business within the Constitution. Such an Executive body can decide to seek a further member, to co-opt or to run the IOV’s affairs as is, at least until the next AGM. On that basis my recommendation to the Membership is that all of the offers to serve are accepted without the need for a vote, unless anyone records an objection to any individual nomination or to the process itself within the defined time period. This period expires seven days from the date of publication of this notice. Kind regards Tony Manning Chair, Institute of Videography Mob: 07960 719520


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