The response to our announcement of a long-overdue Area 11 meeting in Loughton, Essex was so poor that the inclination was to cancel. Perversely we opted to continue with four of us present. I recalled a tennis coach running a men’s evening who stuck at it from a point where he had only one participant to eventually filling four courts with enthusiastic doubles players. The reasoning was maybe people need a bit of prompting and to get back into the habit of meeting other members face to face. We also believed the material we intended to present was useful for members and particularly those who cover events. So we went further and decided to video-record both presentations. We will post this, once edited, if there is sufficient interest. The first was John Mortimer demonstrating the capabilities of his new PTZ system, which incorporates two JVC cameras and a sophisticated control unit that can run up to six cameras.​

Roland/JVC Multi-camera control interface

close-up of Panasonic HC-X1000

Panasonic HC-X1000 shooting in 4K

Workstation and PTZ cameras set up for filming the Christmas panto at Rhodes Theatre Bishop’s Stortford


John answered a series of questions about the kit, its applications and limitations, and at that point we were allowed to have a play and experience it directly. Next up was Cheema presenting “What’s in my Kit-Bag and Why”. Anyone who has worked with Cheema will know he is more prepared that a gaggle of Boy Scouts, with often small and inexpensive solutions to common problems that arise while filming events. I believe Monopoly only provides two Get Out of Jail cards, but Cheema has several! Certainly a wealth of information was provided. Beyond that the session was a reminder of the traditional generosity of IOV members towards each other. We hope you will be encouraged to come along to our next meeting and that other reps will put a meeting or event on for their area members. Tony Manning



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